There should be a specific purpose statement that can tell you how to use several tools to develop your speech. One of the major functions of speech is that by its means we declare ourselves as individuals and not until we have done that we can establish relationships between members of a group. It includes:

  • What is speech writing
  • Speech in English language writing
  • How do you begin an English language speech
  • Format of speech writing
  • How to write a good  speech
  • Speech writing samples
  • Example of great speech


    What is speech communication?

    • Types of speeches
    • Speech Acts
    • Organizing a speech
    • how to practice your speech
    • The parts of speech
    • The tone of the speech
    • Speech therapy
    • Welcome speech
    • Figures of speech
    • Speech evaluation

      Format of a speech:

      1) Introduction-

      2) Body

      3) Conclusion

      STEP- BY- STEP GUIDE TO GAIN YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS CLEARLY AND CONFIDENTLY                                                                                        

      Writing –  A successful speech engages an audience and expresses a subject or set of topics clearly. Writing and delivering an effective speech could help to advance your career by developing and displaying strong communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

      Brainstorming- Brainstorming helps writers generate more ideas before beginning to write about a topic.  It can also help reduce writing anxiety and focus attention on the most relevant content when writing. It involves writing down a list of your experiences, interests, hobbies, skills, beliefs, etc.

      Researching- Gathering evidence through research builds confidence that what you tell your audience is credible. Distinguish among various types of sources and support.  Depending on how familiar you are with a topic, you will need to do more or less background research before you start incorporating sources to support your speech.

      Organizing- When a speech’s information is well-organized, it impacts the way the audience understands the speech. Organized speeches are easier to understand and remember. They are usually more enjoyable, too. An organized speech gives credibility to the speaker as well. While your organizational structure will vary from speech to speech, there are nonetheless five main parts of any speech: attention statement, introduction, body, conclusion, and residual message.


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      • Speech On the Value Of Time
      • Speech On Health And Fitness.
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      • How to eat healthier
      • Harmful impacts of technology
      • How to survive without electricity
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      • America’s fastest-growing cities
      • The differences between female and male communication
      • The best marketing tactics
      • The importance of education for a country’s economy
      • Ethical questions of artificial intelligence
      • Unique ways to stop global climate change
      • How to live to be 100
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      • Why companies should promote workplace fitness programs
      • Top-paying careers in sports
      • How people with disabilities can still play sports
      • Football culture in the American south
      • The importance of sports for children’s socialization
      • The role of sports and masculinity in young boys
      • Gambling problems in sports
      • What makes a great sports coach?
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      • How to prevent sports injuries
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      • How women have transformed corporate leadership
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      • The role of social media in business
      • How immigrants maintain cultural traditions in their new countries
      • Ancient archeological artifacts you’ve never heard of
      • Native American spiritual traditions
      • The best supplements, according to science
      • The main signs of a stroke
      • The chronic disease epidemic in America
      • How to lose weight the healthy way
      • How to have stronger bones
      • Healthcare access for minorities
      • Why fast food restaurants are addictive
      • Pros and cons of salt
      • How to overcome stress
      • Easy ways to improve your nutrition
      • How to reverse hair loss
      • Secrets to healthy hair
      • Benefits and drawbacks of stem cell research
      • Why you should stop drinking soda
      • How to reduce asthma attacks
      • Health benefits of ginger
      • Why you should drink tea

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