We know how crucial essay writing is to a student’s academic career. Every student has to write a minimum of a few essays along their journey. As a result, they could be required for one or more extracurricular activities or included in the academic curriculum. The conclusion is that writing essays are a crucial component of earning excellent academic scores. Thus, themes for compare and contrast essays in 2023 are exciting.

Compare and contrast essays are essential for an individual’s cognitive development, like other types of essays. Furthermore, compare-contrast essays are significant since they allow students to highlight any subject’s good and bad aspects. As a result, once students comprehend all sides of the narrative, their learning becomes complete and more substantial.

About Comparison and Contrast Essays:

As the name implies, essays on comparison and contrast emphasize comparison and contrast. Essays that compare and contrast two or more topics are academic assignments. The goal is to investigate and draw parallels and distinctions between the relevant topics.

It is crucial to pick topics related to one another to construct a compare-and-contrast essay. Compare the parallels between two different but related topics. The similarities’ type, range, degree, and size might differ. The only guiding principle is that there must be some points of convergence.

Thus, the comparisons are based on commonalities. The contrast is covered in the next section. Contrast, as its name indicates, is about disparities between the subjects. These themes will have many distinctions to explore and clarify because they are two distinct conversation areas. As a result, comparing and contrasting essays’ main goal is to recognize and emphasize the similarities and differences between the two themes.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

For University students

  • Daytime versus Night
  • Sleeping vs. exercising
  • Walking and Running
  • Summer and winter 
  • comics and television programs
  • Is it prom night or Halloween? Which one is more enjoyable?
  • Which is more challenging, riding a bike or driving a car?
  • 3-star vs. 5-star hotels
  • Which is a better friend: men or women?
  • Who has more of an influence: parents or famous people?

For College Students

  • Which is more complicated: school or college?
  • Students with jobs vs. those without jobs
  • Essays vs. research papers
  • British vs. American English
  • Employment vs. Education
  • Graduate students vs. postgraduates
  • Essays that are persuasive vs. argumentative
  • Apple vs. Android
  • Traditional writing vs. online writing

Science Topics

  • Which is better for you, physics or chemistry?
  • Which engineering subject should I choose: mechanical vs. chemical 
  • Non-renewable vs. renewable energy
  • Paper vs. plastic
  • Methods from the past or cutting-edge scientific techniques
  • Nuclear energy or other sources of energy
  • Tornadoes vs. hurricanes
  • Trees, shrubs, and herbs
  • Reptiles versus mammals
  • Viruses or bacteria

Technical topics

  • Windows vs. Mac OS
  • JioSavan vs. Spotify
  • Sound or harmful effects of social media
  • Instagram vs. Twitter
  • Comparative Features of Intel Processors from Different Generations
  • Comparison of purchasing online vs. going to a mall
  • Video conference versus in-person meeting
  • Deep learning or machine learning
  • contrasting several cloud services

Sports Topics

  • Basketball vs. football
  • Walkathons vs. marathons
  • indoor vs. outdoor sports
  • playing sports vs. studying
  • Exercise in the morning vs. exercise at night
  • whether to work out at home or in a gym
  • Badminton vs. tennis
  • Soccer vs. Rugby
  • Native sports or contemporary sports

Historical Topics

  • 1920s vs. 1960s Indian Politics
  • Childhood now vs. childhood in the 1980s
  • Coronavirus epidemic during the Great Depression
  • Pioneers vs. the first astronauts
  • Barack Obama vs. Abraham Lincoln
  • Comparing World Wars I and II
  • Millennials vs. Baby Boomers
  • Urban vs. rural life
  • Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama
  • U.S. civil rights vs. women’s liberation
  • Comparison between Victorian and contemporary ideas of beauty
  • Compared to American politics during the Civil War, American politics now

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