Are the latest Common Core requirements making it more complex and more complicated than ever for you to help your child with their homework? Ok! No problem. These are a few of the top websites and applications for kids to use while looking for assistance with their math homework. These tools are designed to help learners learn and advance their mathematical abilities. 

After students have exhausted all other methods of independently solving an issue, they should turn to these websites as a last resort. Even then, students should concentrate more on the process than the outcome. To comprehend their arithmetic issues and be able to answer more problems on their own in the future, kids must follow the step-by-step instructions.

Ask Dr. Math

Search the latest math queries or submit your own. Expert solutions. Thousands of questions with their answers from elementary school to college-level arithmetic are available in the archives. This website is highly recommended.


A range of practical calculators is accessible through Symbolab. The website offers hundreds of algebras, calculus, trigonometry, and other math problem answers that students may search for and obtain. Students learn how to tackle future math issues on their own as they proceed through the step-by-step processes utilized to obtain the solution and explore the solutions to the arithmetic problems they had to complete. Visit the entire lesson for Symbolab to find out more.

S.O.S. Mathematics CyberBoard

Ask math questions regarding calculus, algebra, geometry, probability, trigonometry, college math, physics, computer science, and more on the S.O.S. Mathematics CyberBoard, an active discussion forum.


Another excellent resource for kids seeking math homework assistance is DeltaMath. For kids in grades 6 through 12, it provides randomized arithmetic problems with the option to get immediate performance feedback. There are approximately 1800 pre-made math exercises that are fully Common Core-aligned. The premium edition of DeltaMath includes auto-grading, explanatory videos for every issue, and many other features.

Math goodies

Parent, teacher, and student forums at Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies help with homework, classroom discussion, and location for parents.


Students in high school and college can use QuickMath to obtain solutions to the most frequent algebra, equations, and calculus-related puzzles. Any algebra issue can have step-by-step solutions available to students. Additionally, they may change the solution’s specifics and learn more about how every answer was developed.

The calculator in QuickMath can factor polynomials, discover the most significant common factor (GCF) and least common measure (L.C.M.) of many expressions, and solve various mathematical equations and inequalities. For iOS and Android mobile devices, QuickMath is also a mobile app.

Math Help Boards

from pre-algebra through college-level mathematics. It has knowledgeable employees, is free, and by policy, only provides information with the requester making an effort.

Chegg Study

Free and upgraded services are also available from Chegg Homework Help. You may read two detailed answers free from any book or on any topic.


A math assistance website called Webmath generates solutions to particular math problems and queries submitted at any given moment by a user. Math problems are entered, and when the user selects “solve,” real-time math solutions are generated and shown. In addition to offering the solutions, Webmath also demonstrates how these solutions were arrived at. 

Cool Math

This is another fantastic website with a wealth of learning tools to assist kids of all ages with their math studies. It includes pre-calculus, algebra, and pre-algebra, among others.

For example, click on the Algebra tab to get algebra help with topics like lines, equations, radicals, exponents, polynomials, quadratics, functions, complex numbers, inverse functions, advanced graphing, sequences and series, determinants and Cramer’s rule, graphing rational functions and many more.

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